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  • The ALLIGATOR slab hoisting clamps, unique in construction and design, are innovative tools that easily hold stone slabs between 0 and 75 mm (depending on the type) and up to 1200 kg. The clamping jaws themselves, but also other parts of the tool, are generously lined with rubber so as to guarantee safe handling of precious polished stone surfaces.

  • Sharpening stone for diamond tools. Sharpens all diamond saw blades, drills, jigsaw blades and other diamond tools with sintered segments. Not to be used for electroplated tools.

  • Adhesive tape: to protect surfaces during the work process. Easily removable and easy and permanent marking.

  • The GADIA LINE rail system is the ideal supplement for precise cuts with the stone cutter WETCUT 180/2. Two rail lengths, connecting adapter and various fastening systems are available.

  • Perfect connections: GADIA DISC CONNECT. Groove grinding set for flush-sealed edge connections with plastic chips.

  • GADIA VARIO COVER: Adjustable cover, stops water and grinding dust from spraying around. Can be used with POLIFOX 1700, JOKER SPEED & JOKER MAXI machines.

  • Mobile filter set for machines with integrated dust extraction: Typhoon and Turbocut series. Plastic box with rollers and hose fastener for mobile use.

  • Ingenious adjustable guiding system for templates for use with the processing center GALAXY 4000 multistar. An eccentric mechanism makes sensitive adjustment of tool wear and readjustment after grit change possible.

  • Portable pressure tank with steel housing for 10 L water. For machines with water feeding to work at construction sites without water supply.

  • The ALUMINIUM GUIDE RAIL SYSTEM is the ideal supplement for the TURBOCUT 125 and 160, as well as the LIONCUT series. Three different rail lengths provide the right length for your specific needs.

  • Template for exact corner joints on profiled tops of L-shaped kitchens

  • A tool set to create recessed surfaces with 45° edge in marble and granite. Especially designed for the processing center GALAXY 4000 multistar.

Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items