About our company

When the company was founded in 1990, there was a vision: to make the individual stone processing measures more pleasant and efficient with new ideas. The goal of our company is to offer professional users better solutions for working with stone.

To achieve this goal we needed a change in development and production from the beginning. We had to leave old ways and find new processes to improve. The courage to go against the current and to implement new stone processing options was rewarded, because today businesses worldwide looking for quality products of the Galeski manufactory.

The Galeski company can now look back on 30 years of experience and has numerous innovations to show. This means that one of the most comprehensive product ranges of advanced machines and tools for professional stone processing can now be offered. We have confidently robust and controlled machines that complete the professional even during continuous use.

The products of Galeski allow the best results to be achieved, higher effectiveness and safety. They are designed for a long service life and absolutely easy to repair. All spare parts are still available even after years. Through years of technological advances, the company is well-kept for the future and remains the first address with practical solutions for customers all over the world.