LIONCUT 200 VARIO COMBI (Wet/Dry stone cutter)

003.036.304 (230V)

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Professional dry cutter with extraction connection for vacuum cleaner. Iinclusive: convertable to water feeding. Compact design with huge cutting depth of up to 6,3 cm. The machine is well balanced and has got a bail handle for comfortable and precise work. 

Power: 1,750 Watt

Speed: 1,700 - 6,800 rpm

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Voltage230/115 Volt
Power1,750 Watt
Speed1,700 - 6,800 rpm
Cutting depth max.:63 mm
Weight5.5 kg

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  • Suitable for dry and wet cutting (equipped with personal protection switch PRCD in the cable)
  • By operating a spring loaded pin the dust extraction unit can be exchanged against a water feeding unit
  • Optimal water distribution inside the protective hood
  • Very slim protective hood for ideal view of the cutting area
  • With integrated connector for vacuum cleaner
  • The extraction hose and the water feeding hose are connected to the electrical cable by means of a Velcro fastenerer and do not disturbe during the cutting process
  • Ergonomic and well balanced design for comfortable and safe work
  • Reduction of vibration through autobalancer for long life of gear unit and saw blade
  • Powerful motor with variable speed
  • Long-life silicone connecting cable
  • Spindle lock for easy tool change
  • Temperature-dependent overload protection
  • Self-cutting carbon brushes and easy brush exchange
  • An aluminium guide slide can be fixed to it (see accessories)
  • Rails in various lengths and fastening options for smooth and rough surfaces are available

Available versions:

LIONCUT 200 VARIO COMBI DI 230V - Item no.: 003.036.304 (1,091.00 € net)
LIONCUT 200 VARIO COMBI CEE 230V - Item no.: 003.036.305 (1,050.00 € net)
LIONCUT 200 VARIO COMBI DI 115V - Item no.: 003.036.306 (1,091.00 € net)
LIONCUT 200 VARIO COMBI CEE 115V - Item no.: 003.036.307 (1,050.00 € net)

Optional accessories:
Guide slide - Item no.: 003.036.312 (239.00 € net)
Easy to mount aluminium guide slide with adjustable cutting depth setting. Felt coating for polished surfaces and Velcro plastic pad for rough surfaces. An additional connecting adapter screwed to this guide slide makes it possible to work with a rail.

Connecting adaptor - Item no.: 003.036.314 (51.00 € net)
Guide and connecting adaptor between machine and rail

Basic rail set for smooth surfaces - Item no.: 036.120 (227.00 € net)
Rail 100 cm, 2 lever suction cups Ø 90 mm 

Basic rail set for rough surfaces Item no.: 036.126 (259.00 € net)
Rail 100 cm, vacuum unit, 2 vacuum suction cups Ø 90 mm mm with tube for connection to suction unit (Venturi system)

Rail, short 100 cm Item no.: 036.121 (57.00 € net)

Rail, medium 150 cm - Item no.: 036.122 (80.00 € net)

Rail, long 200 cm - Item no.: 036.123 (102.00 € net)

Connecting piece - Item no.: 060.036.124 (51.00 € net)
for joining rails

Suction holder D= 90 mm, 1 piece Item no.: 036.125 (93.00 € net)
Rubber suction holder for smooth surfaces D= 90 mm with connecting plate and fastener to the aluminium rail (as supplement for additional rails)

Vacuum-Suction Holder D= 90 mm, 1 piece Item no.: 036.127 (78.00 € net)
Vacuum-suction cup for rough surfaces D= 90 mm with connecting plate, tube and fastener to the aluminium rail (as supplement for additional rails)

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