LIONCUT 200 VARIO COMBI PLUS (Wet/Dry stone cutter)

003.036.308 (230V)

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Professional dry cutter with extraction connection for vacuum cleaner. Iinclusive: convertable to water feeding. It can be used free-handed or with guide slide. Compact design with huge cutting depth of up to 6,3 cm. The machine is well balanced and has got a bail handle for comfortable and precise work.

Power: 1,750 Watt

Speed: 1,700 - 6,800 rpm

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Voltage230/115 Volt
Speed1,700 - 6,800 rpm
Cutting depth max.:63 mm
Weight6.0 kg

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  • Suitable for dry and wet cutting (equipped with personal protection switch PRCD in the cable)
  • It can be used free-handed or with guide slide for precise cutting
  • By operating a spring loaded pin the dust extraction unit can be exchanged against a water feeding unit
  • Optimal water distribution inside the protective hood
  • Very slim protective hood for ideal view of the cutting area
  • With integrated connector for vacuum cleaner
  • The extraction hose and the water feeding hose are connected to the electrical cable by means of a Velcro fastenerer and do not disturbe during the cutting process
  • Ergonomic and well balanced design for comfortable and safe work
  • Reduction of vibration through autobalancer for long life of gear unit and saw blade
  • Powerful motor with variable speed
  • Long-life silicone connecting cable
  • Spindle lock for easy tool change
  • Temperature-dependent overload protection
  • Self-cutting carbon brushes and easy brush exchange
  • Easy to mount aluminium guide slide wit adjustable cutting depth setting
  • Felt coating for polished surfaces and Velcro plastic pad for rough surfaces
  • An additional connecting adapter screwed to the guide slide makes it possible to work with a rail
  • Rails in various lengths and fastening options for smooth and rough surfaces are available

Available versions:

LIONCUT 200 VARIO COMBI PLUS DI 230V - Item no.: 003.036.308 (1,330.00 € net)
LIONCUT 200 VARIO COMBI PLUS CEE 230V - Item no.: 003.036.309 (1,288.00 € net)
LIONCUT 200 VARIO COMBI PLUS DI 115V - Item no.: 003.036.310 (1,330.00 € net)
LIONCUT 200 VARIO COMBI PLUS CEE 115V - Item no.: 003.036.311 (1,288.00 € net)

Optional accessories:
Connecting adaptor - Item no.: 003.036.314 (51.00 € net)
Guide and connecting adaptor between machine and rail

Basic rail set for smooth surfaces - Item no.: 036.120 (227.00 € net)
Rail 100 cm, 2 lever suction cups Ø 90 mm 

Basic rail set for rough surfaces Item no.: 036.126 (259.00 € net)
Rail 100 cm, vacuum unit, 2 vacuum suction cups Ø 90 mm mm with tube for connection to suction unit (Venturi system)

Rail, short 100 cm Item no.: 036.121 (57.00 € net)

Rail, medium 150 cm - Item no.: 036.122 (80.00 € net)

Rail, long 200 cm - Item no.: 036.123 (102.00 € net)

Connecting piece - Item no.: 060.036.124 (51.00 € net)
for joining rails

Suction holder D= 90 mm, 1 piece Item no.: 036.125 (93.00 € net)
Rubber suction holder for smooth surfaces D= 90 mm with connecting plate and fastener to the aluminium rail (as supplement for additional rails)

Vacuum-Suction Holder D= 90 mm, 1 piece Item no.: 036.127 (78.00 € net)
Vacuum-suction cup for rough surfaces D= 90 mm with connecting plate, tube and fastener to the aluminium rail (as supplement for additional rails)

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